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Our Solutions : Pedagogical Training

EUROCFD offers pedagogical training in Digital Design and Simulation for engineers (physics, software).

Our training courses are tailor-made and adapted to the sector of activity, the products and, of course, to the codes you use.

Courses range from basic training for beginning engineers to advanced training for experienced engineers.

The objectives of each training course are defined in advance with the trainees. A tailor-made training program is developed.

FM 01: Aerothermics

Coupling phenomena between heat transfers and flows are frequent in industrial cases. This training module offers a unique opportunity to scan best practices in numerical modeling and application on your industrial products.

FM 02: Hydraulics and Free Surface

Many industrial applications involve free surface flows. This training module offers a great opportunity to scan the best practices of numerical modeling and application on your industrial products. If Weber’s, Froude’s or cavitation numbers speak to you, it’s this way.

FM 03: Managing a Numerical Simulation

The study stages require special attention during a product or process development project. The ability to deliver “On time” and “Right the first time” results is highly dependent on the rigor of the process followed. Prepare your technical checklist and your schedule with our training.

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