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Access Our HPC Data Center

HPC Calculation Center of 4,000 cores (200 Tflops)

An HPC (High Performance Computing) cluster is made up of a cluster of servers providing high computing power.

Since almost 20 years, EUROCFD has decided to invest in its Own HPC cluster from its creation, thanks to its own funds and without any public subsidy.

Today, Little BIG is the most important Calculation Center for French SMEs.

In this way, we reduce the downtime of software and technical means and lower the final cost for our customers.

Calculation speeds on Little BIG can be up to 200X faster than conventional and standard means.

EUROCFD is opening up a new world of simulation possibilities to those businesses that could not otherwise participate in the ongoing HPC revolution
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Information about our data center

Technical Specifications

  • Housed in our subsidiary EXTENDO DC

  • 120 Servers in total 20 TB of RAM

  • 4000 computing cores

  • Fast Infiniband FDR and HDR network (56 and 200 Gb/s),

  • Gigabit Ethernet Management network,

  • Automated backup library system

  • 200TB of Parallel Storage (10X faster I/O) by BeeGFS

  • Windows HPC

  • Linux CentOS 7 incorporating the SLURM scheduler

  • xCAT Cluster Manager

The fast InfiniBand Network can perform transitional calculations on more than 2 Billion cells. We reach up to 200 TeraFlops in peak power.

Our Priority: Safety

Hosting EXTEND Data Center

Created in 2017, Extendo-DC is owned by EUROCFD and TRINAPS..

An alliance between two 100% French companies, this Data Center is located at the Techn’Hom in Belfort and benefits from secure infrastructures:

  • Ultra-reliable EDF loop backed up by inverter and generator set
  • Redundant solution for electricity, cooling, and connectivity
  • Energy-optimized free-cooling
  • Very high speed fiber optic connection
  • High-Performance Data center : 20 kW racks

Our Partners

Data security : a priority

To ensure the confidentiality and security of customer data, our equipment is secured and redundant by the company TRINAPS. Automated data archiving is carried out locally and remotely.

EUROCFD surrounds itself with Trusted and Recognized IT Solution Providers.

BECHTLE has been our “HPC solutions integrator” for several years. Their expertise and HPC services are adapted to our powerful calculations. Their proximity allows us to optimize the possibilities of the Data center.

We use Windows Server 2008R2 for the installation and configuration of our software. Bechtle and Microsoft are working together on our HPC cluster.

EOLEN takes care of the software configuration and maintenance of our cluster. The company complements the work of our other suppliers for the management of LINUX and SLURM.